Do your thing in your Room... a 🤫 place with a door

In your Room, you can be heard. Keep your door open so folks can drop in, to talk.

Or, close your door - however it suits your flow, working/creating. Folks can knock.

Ahoy let's you stay productive and be around to connect when you're needed.
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You're at your desk for 10hrs a day...

Stay connected & choose when to make yourself available.

Get a room, with a door

Ahoy gives you an audio space (which we call your 'room') that allows you to be available instantly.

You can open the door, at your discretion, so folks can catch you live.

When your door is open and one of your mateys steps into your room, you are instantly live.


Magically connect with people you know

Ahoy brings the magic of talking live back because Ahoy focuses on connecting live.

On Ahoy, you're available and reachable live when your door is open -- it's that simple. When folks need you - you're there for them.

Use Ahoy to squeeze in quick conversations without scheduling, without friction. (When you're not around (or busy) people that matter to you can leave you messages with voice that you can pickup real-time or later.)

Access Ahoy commands anytime

Dozens of essential tasks (quick transcription, opening Zoom into your next meeting, pulling up your calendar, reminders) are faster to do by voice... use Ahoy to kickoff those tasks with voice commands.

Plus: you're one keyboard shortcut (Command + Shift + A) away from saving yourself hours wasted every week.


See Ahoy in action...

Yes, Ahoy makes your voice a powerful tool for getting more done every day, but the real point is: to be present for the folks that matter to you.

Now in beta for MacOS.
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