Being LIVE is a special experience.

Humans are your voice collaborators. So are AI agents. Ahoy gives you a single common communication platform that is shared across all of them.

Ahoy is dedicated to what makes "LIVE" unique and powerful. Our goal is to help the world more successfully connect and communicate.  You can slide into conversation when your favorite people are open to voice chat, communicate via async voice chat & kickoff tasks using commands.

We aim to make voice a first-class communication and connection medium.

Come build voice 2.0 with us

Ahoy enables a new kind of builder and a new "app" to be developed: part voice command, part workflow, and always something that is better LIVE (with a real-time result).

We've begun building workflows...

We make Ahoy (the app) as the endpoint for reaching users, so you, builders of Live Voice workflows and commands, can reach an audience.

The point of every "Ahoy" is to enable the world to operate more efficiently... for every conversation to be able to connect quickly (and go live instantly). We believe the future leads to more distributed work and more distributed teams. Distributed is woven into the fabric of our culture. This underpins our company culture and the philosophy of how we build, and whom we build for. Good ideas can come from anywhere, from every customer and every corner. Come build with us. Become an Ahoy Developer. Be a part of our team full time or part time. Do great work from wherever you are. Join us on our mission to make Live Voice special.

Featured Developers

3,217 routines and counting

Ahoy Developers build the workflows & commands customers request

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Travel Chu
Developer since Dec 2020

I built "Dispatch"

Dedicated to continuously developing, implement, and adopting new technologies to maximize development efficiency and produce innovative applications.

Zach Acuña
Developer since Jan 2020

I built "Who's Online"

Over last 7 years i got mobile development experience in a broad range of industries, including social, education, sports entertainment, dating, restaurant management and rental solutions.

Dalibor Ristic
Developer since Jan 2021

I built "Next Meeting" and "Add to calendar"

I have a passion for making mobile apps. Over last 7 years I got solid understanding of full mobile and software development life cycles, UIX, web analytics, changing web standards, and Agile methodologies.

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About Us: Ahoy Inc.

We're just a couple of engineers and designers, standing in front of a bunch of users, asking them to love our product.

Naturally, we'd love to hear from you! Tell us what could be better. When we hear from you, to us, it's the sound of success.

Stayin' live, stayin' live.
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